63-72 Chevy Truck Lo-Pro Crossmember & Extreme Performance Tubular Trailing Arms

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63-72 Chevy/GMC Truck Lo-Pro Trailing Arm Crossmember & Extreme Performance Tubular Trailing Arms. This bolt-in crossmember kit for 63-72 Chevy trucks is specifically designed for vehicles that are lowered 5" or more. It increases ground clearance on lowered trucks. Includes bolt on trailing arm mounts with anti squat provisions up to 4 degrees and are far superior to other welded versions on the market. Bolt on mounts allow for the use of 5 different trailing arm settings. The lower hole is for factory trailing arm position, and is adjustable for up to 4 degrees of anti squat allowing for harder launches, quicker 60' times and better all around performance.

Extreme Performance tubular trailing arms were designed with strength and performance in mind. They are constructed of 2"x 3" rectangle tubing that is .188" thick. With an increased material surface area these control arms are stronger than both factory GM and aftermarket round design trailing arms on the market. Round tubing has very minimal vertical strength thus causing flex, pinion angle changes and premature failure. The rectangle design increase ground clearance and offer a nice spring platform.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates interference with the drive shaft when truck is lowered
  • Bolts Directly in Stock Location
  • Includes Trailing Arm Mounts With Anti Squat Provision
  • Includes Exhaust Passages for up to 3" Tubing
  • Zero Deflection Delrin End Bushings
  • Includes Emergency Brake Cable Brackets
  • No Welding or Modifications Required
  • Includes Grade 8 Hardware