MSD Street Fire SBC BBC Chevy HEI Distributor & Plug Wires

Brand: MSD

Product Code: CCR80012

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MSD Street Fire SBC/BBC HEI Distributor & Plug Wires. The Street Fire distributor delivers great performance at a reasonable price. Looking under the brass terminal HEI cap and rotor shows the quality built into the distributor. Accurate timing is key to performance and the magnetic pickup that is mounted to the solid base of the distributor housing is up to the task. The trigger signal generated is sent to the high output ignition module assembly. Power is then passed to the coil mounted in the cap where a high output spark develops and is sent to the spark plug terminal to ensure complete combustion every time. Distributor features polished housing, precision weights, oversized shaft, hardened gear for hydraulic cams and adjustable vacuum advance canister to improve fuel economy.

Plug wires are 8mm silicone with synthetic jacket and include 90 degree spark plug boots. They feature Kevlar core for greater strength and durability. Wires are rated at 500 ohms per ft. resistance for improved spark delivery. Wires includes coil wire and works with HEI, Electronic or points distributors with male cap.