SBC Quick Fuel Fuel Injection System Master Kit w/ Black Intake

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The Quick Fuel fuel injection kit combines the superior fuel atomization of a carburetor with the precise fuel control of EFI. Unique patent pending 8-hole venture sleeve with annular discharge booster design provides superior fuel atomization where air speed is at its peak and pressure is at its lowest, atomizing fuel better than traditional injector nozzles. The result is faster and more efficient burn, more power, and better response. Fuel is also supplied below throttle plates for increased stability and idle control. SBC Performer aluminum intake is black powdercoated and designed to work with Chevy 283-400 engines and make optimal power in the 1500-6500 RPM range. Intake is a dual plane square bore style and works with all 4150 Holley style carburetors. Kit also includes Printoseal constructed intake gaskets for maximum sealing power of the intake ports. This kit includes Throttle Body Assembly, SBC Intake, Handheld Controller, ECU, Main Wiring Harness, Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Line w/ Fittings, Laptop Cable, Sensors, Intake Gaskets & Hardware.

Quick Fuel Injection Kit Key Features:

  • Designed for street and off-road vehicles, trucks, RV's, muscle cars, and more. Accommodates engines up to 525 HP.
  • Patent pending annular discharge sleeves for superior fuel atomization.
  • Dedicated idle circuit supplies fuel below the throttle plates for instant startups and increased throttle response.
  • Adaptive learning capability allows ECU to model volumetric efficiency of engine to calculate fuel requirements.
  • Two programming options - Handheld controller or laptop for increased tuneability.
  • Fuel delivery is provided by four (4) 66 lb./hr. injectors.
  • On-board ignition driver - No aftermarket spark box necessary. Timing control provided by ECU.
  • Compatible with power adder technologies - Wet flow NOS, superchargers, and turbochargers.
  • Designed for 4150 and 4500 style flanges (When using 4500 style flange, P/N 300-4145-1AL adapter is required).
  • Features OEM sensors for easy replacement. Compatible for use with E85 fuel (Up to 370 HP).
  • Ford kickdown lever kit available (Part # 50-5013).