Chrome Proportioning Valve Disc / Drum Master Cylinder Brake

Brand: MBM Brakes

Product Code: MBMPV2C

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Chrome Proportioning Valve for Disc/Drum. This valve is designed to reduce braking pressure to the rear to prevent the rear brakes from locking up. It distributes the correct proportion of brake pressure to the rear so that the rear disc brakes are not doing all the work. This valve will also act as residual pressure for the rear disc brakes, allowing for better responsiveness when the brakes are applied. In addition this valve offers the brake warning light switch to alert you if there is any failure in the braking system.

This valve is a great upgrade over the original and is a must when upgrading from drum to disc brakes. This is a GM style valve, but will work on almost any Ford, Mopar and Chevy as long as you have the right fittings. This valve is solid brass, making it long lasting and heavy duty.