EFI & LS Swap Deluxe Fuel Pressure Regulator & Filter Kit with Push Fittings

Brand: Bous Performance INC.

Product Code: BPI-F53401

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EFI/LS Swap Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter Kit with Push fittings. This filter/regulator assembly is commonly used when adapting return style fuel systems for use with returnless applications. Popular for simplifying the fuel system for LS swaps or standalone EFI systems such as Holley, FiTech, or FAST designed to operate on 58psi of pressure. When mounted near the fuel tank this filter allows you to run a single fuel feed line to the engine and just a short return loop back to the tank.

This fuel filter features an internal bypass that regulates fuel output pressure to 58psi. The filter features push lock inlet and outles. This fitting combination makes for simple plumbing of fuel systems for LS Swaps and aftermarket EFI conversions. Not recommended for dual pump setups.

**Not suitable for turbo or supercharged applications, which require vacuum reference.