Front 90/10 Drag Racing Shocks Dodge Charger Coronet Dart Demon

Brand: Calvert Racing

Product Code: CALCF42103

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Calvert Racing Dodge Front 90/10 Drag Race Shocks. Calvert Racing's Cf Series 90/10 was designed with performance in mind. These shocks were engineered for cars with mid-range power. Built with the softest rate of rebound on the market today, allowing the front ends of your race car to come up as easily as possible. This equates to better weight transfer and more weight over your rear tires.

In addition, the CF Series chock also has a dual rate compression valving. The built-in high speed compression valving will keep you front end from bottoming out on had landings. Once your car has launched, low speed compression is active and a softer valving allows the front end to settle at the top end.

Calvert Racing has closely evaluated every application for best length assuring that each vehicle would have sufficient travel for maximum traction.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-adjustable, made to perform out of the box
  • Fastest chock on rate of separation
  • Dual stage compression valving
  • Absorbs hard hits and settles at top end
  • Light weight, industrial design
  • Cost effective

Application Chart:

  • 70-74 Dodge Challenger
  • 66-72 Dodge Charger
  • 65-76 Dodge Coronet
  • 63-76 Dodge Dart
  • 62-76 Dodge Demon
  • 65-78 Dodge Monaco
  • 65-73 Dodge Polara
  • 75-76 Dodge Royal Monaco
  • 63-76 Dodge Swinger