Ignition 03-13 LSX GM High Performance Coil Set

Brand: Top Street Performance

Product Code: TSP81015-8

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(8) LSX High Performance Ignition Coils. TSP's LSX ignition coils are the top coils on the market today, featuring magnetic steel cores specially designed to deliver up to 15% more spark than OEM. They use a high resistant epoxy material for added resistance to shock and vibration at high RPM. This is a high-output replacement of the Delco D510C ignition coil. Increased spark energy and voltage, along with multiple spark capabilities help improve the combustion process of the fuel mixture to create an efficient burn. This results in improved throttle response, smooth idle. quick starts and increased high RPM performance. Sold as a complete set of 8 coils. SPECIFICATIONS

  • COIL STYLE Coil Pack
  • PRIMARY RESISTANCE 0.500 ohms (Ω)
  • MAXIMUM VOLTAGE 40,000 volts (V)
  • SPARK DURATION 300 microseconds (µS)
  • PEAK CURRENT 220 milliamperes (mA)
  • TURNS RATIO 75:1
  • INDUCTANCE 2.7 millihenrys (mH)
  • COIL WIRE END Female