MSD LS Digital Ignition Box Carbureted

Brand: MSD

Product Code: MSD6014

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The LS ignition controllers are perfect for the enthusiast that wants to build a carbureted equipped LS engine. This controller allows you to program much more a timing tape. Additional features include a launch rev limiter (2-step) to get you off the line, max rev limiter for the top end protection and a step retard in case you add a nitrous shot. Best of all, with the Pro-Data+ software there is no need to hire a tuner, the average person can do it with their own laptop. The box plugs into the factory coil harness for a painless installation. The only connections required is the crank sensor, cam sensor, map sensor, and coils. MSD 6014 ignition box is for use with LS1, LS2, LS6 and LS7 with 24 & 58 tooth trigger engines.