Route 66 Garage Sign

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Rusted Patina Route 66 Sign Garage Wall Art. Each sign has very nice lines and detail that make for a authentic appearance. Once the signs have been cut out we then put them through a process to accelerate rusting, giving them the perfect patina. Each sign is stood in the upright position through this process to allow for correct rust "streaking" much like a sign that has been hanging on the side of a building for many years. After the rust process is complete we apply a clear coat over them to lock this appearance in and to allow for clean, easy handling.

We offer this sign from 15" (perfect for offices and small bedrooms) all the way up to the huge 46" (for large areas and garages). Our signs are made from 16 gauge steel for a strong and durable piece.

*Due to the fact that this is a rusting process each sign will vary from one another.